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SINNIS Scooters
Why a Sinnis Scooter?
The Sinnis Scooter range is a very popular choice among commuters and those who enjoy the freedom, style and simplicity that a Sinnis Moped or Scooter offers. All of our 125cc range comes equipped with the latest Electronic Fuel Injection, and Unified Braking systems, along with tried and tested reliability and economy. In the city, nothing compares with the convenience of a Sinnis Scooter. Ease of parking, traffic flow and maneuverability are just a few advantages you can have, along with unrivaled fuel economy, super low running costs and amazing dealer support.

At our Headquarters in Brighton UK, we test every Sinnis model over 1000's of miles in all weather conditions in order to continuously improve our products, and your experiences on the road. Nothing is more important to us than a positive customer experience on a Sinnis machine, and we value your feedback every step of the way.

In 2017 we introduced the Zen 125cc scooter and the new Euro 4 compliant Harrier and popular Shuttle models to the range. Now with added green credentials and a lower carbon footprint, the 125 Scooter range is the choice for those wanting excellent quality, reliability - a worry free commute or head clearing ride.

Our 50cc range is also extremely popular, with the amazing Sinnis Encanto, and Prime heading up the range. These are firm favourites with 16 year olds entering the biking world, and those a bit older looking for the most economical way of getting around the locality. There is something for everyone in the Scooter range, with more models coming very soon to compliment the array.

Sinnis Hero 125 - £1695
Sinnis Street 50 - £999
Sinnis Encanto 50 - £1079
Sinnis Shuttle 125 EFI - £1395
Sinnis Harrier 125 EFI - £1425
Sinnis Zen 125 - £1599